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We are a new generation of agritech company. Driven by a relentless commitment to quality, innovation, community and the farmers who make it all possible.


Stay awhile, get to know us!



Founded in 2015, BC Hop Company Ltd. specializes in growing and processing plants for food and medicine. By harmonizing farm-focused, orchard style cultivation methods with cutting edge European technology, we solve some of the most pressing challenges faced by craft brewers and licensed hemp extractors across Canada.


Through a commitment to quality management at all levels, and dedication to the timeless values of service, care and reliability; we empower the success of our clients, our team, our partner farmers and all the stakeholders who are with us for the innovations of today, and the possibilities of tomorrow.



Our story began in 2015, but its roots go back much further.


Our story is important to us, because it tells the world who we are as a company and how we live out our commitment to our customers, our partners and our industry.

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Where it all started.

The original BC Hop Company had a long history in the Fraser Valley hop industry. From 1902 to 1954, they operated farms in Agassiz, Sardis and Chilliwack, employing thousands of Fraser Valley residents, and known world-wide for their quality.

Hand harvesting hops in the early 1900's

However, in 1948 a large flood wiped out most of the hop fields at Agassiz, putting the BC Hop Company into trouble. In 1952, the Agassiz farms moved to Creston, BC. Finally, in 1954, the larger John I Haas company purchased the BC Hop Company, and Haas continued to grow hops in the Fraser Valley until 1997, when they downsize their operations to Washington State, Yakima Valley.

Strong roots lead to new growth!

In 2015, the rich traditions speciality crop production in this region inspired us to take up the name  ‘BC Hop Company Ltd.” and carry it into the future, initially as a way to save our own family farm... and now as something much more.


By providing state of the art harvesting and processing, the BC Hop Company is able to provide local and international brewers with access to world class hops, while giving local farmers a way to diversify their income and land utilization.


Image by Gabriel Jimenez

Hops flourishing at our family farm.

Our farms connect us to the directly to the quality of the crops we grow.


BC Hop Fest!

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In partnership with the BC Craft Brewers Guild and our generous sponsors, from 2015 to 2018 we brought over 75 of the province’s BEST craft breweries together to create one of a kind event.


The objective (aside from having a great time!) was to promote local hop farmers and local brewers. Incredible efforts by volunteers and coordinators, along great turn-outs, made BC Hop Fest an event for the history books!

Reluctantly, we made tough the decision to end BC Hop Fest in 2019. In spite of regulatory challenges which meant the event had came to a close, the enjoyment of locally grown, world-class hops through craft beers (and the good times that go with them) would continue! We think B.C. beer lovers expect and deserve to enjoy local hops when they support local breweries. BC Hop Company and our hop farmers create sustainable local jobs, support our local economy and community. We grow hops that help create some exceptional 100% local B.C. craft beers.  

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Image by Markus Spiske

Here's to you! Sharing some great times with great people at BC Hop Fest 2017

Changing markets meant BC Hop Company had to evolve too. Our history of success in the production of highly taste-sensitive and QA-demanding hops provided us with the expertise needed to expand our horizons into the rapidly emerging hemp market.

A natural growth into hemp.

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Critical terms in the industrial hemp market — traceability, quality assurance, reliability, freshness, potency — have been front and centre for us since the beginning.


By applying the orchard-style, farm-focused traditions of our heritage through new, cutting-edge European technologies, we joined forces with our partner farmers to quickly established BC Hop Company as a leader of quality assurance in the hemp sector. 


Changing markets meant BC Hop Company had to evolve too. Our history of success in the production of highly taste-sensitive and QA-demanding hops provided us with the expertise needed to expand our horizons into the rapidly emerging hemp market.

A natural growth into hemp.


We harmonize people and technology to advance Canadian agriculture

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Today, we stand at the forefront of the cultivation and processing of ready-to-use premium hops and industrial hemp. Although we have enjoyed incredible growth and have deployed powerful innovations in technology, we remain a family farm at heart. We are committed to elevating the role of our partner farmers and industry stakeholders while we move the agricultural industry in Canada forward.

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It all starts with our farms. Learn more about the innovative fusion of tradition and technology that's raising the bar on quality and reliability in the agriculture industry across Canada.


Our journey has lead us to create one of the most innovative processes in agritechnology today. Learn more about how our REx™ Proven Process can make your extraction process more efficient while mitigating expensive risks.

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